Judy van Luyk works en lives in Rotterdam. She studied FineArt (BA) at the Willem de Kooning Academie (1995 -1999) and specialized in site-specific art (MA) at the Art Academie HEAD in Genève (2004-2006). 

Cities are being built, old buildings are being torn down and replaced. There seems to be less and less room for authenticity within these quickly changing environments; everything has to meet up to a certain standard of perfection and has to be cheap at the same time. For me it is a necessity that not everything is perfect; it is the imperfections that make life exciting and a city liveable. 

This is why I focuses on the quality of imperfection. I uncovers secrets and clues to a bigger story a little bit like an archaeologist would. Broken windows and holes in de wall become main characters. I zooms-in onto these objects and alienates them from their surrounding, creating a graphical language. Details we normally wouldn’t pay attention to become worthwhile looking at. 



Profile: Site specific- project based - social engagement - interactive - photography - video - installations

Selection of exhibitions, interventions and projects:


C. Rockefeller Center, Dresden

Galerie Raskolnikow, Dresden

Goethe Institut, Rotterdam

Veiling de Aanschouw


Air (CBK Rotterdam, Goethe Institut, and city of Dresden)






Exhibition / Project Haken

https://rorobinnen.tumblr.com/ Site specific intervention / Connect-us

Artist in residence, Dresden

Neck of the Woods, Rotterdam

Festival Time window, Rotterdam

Route du Nord, Rotterdam

Urban art festival, Dresden

Pop-up galerie Bergselaan

Roro museum, Rotterdam







































Artist in residence & group exhibition

Site specific intervention

Exhibition / Site specific intervention 


Exhibition / Site specific intervention

Site specific intervention



Site specific intervention 

Exhibition / Project proposal


Solo exhibition


Exhibition in project room (video)

Curator and organisator

Group exhibition /  Site specific intervention

Group exhibition

Group exhibition

Exhibition (video)

Group exhibition


Solo exhibition

Site specific intervention


Room with a view, Group exhibition

Group exhibition (video)

Group exhibition (video)

Sound installation

Group exhibition

Group exhibition

Site specific intervention

Site specific intervention (video)


Group exhibition

Group exhibition

Art project for magazine


Group exhibition

Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum, germany   

De Aanschouw, Rotterdam 

Time Window festival, Rotterdam  


Route du Nord, Rotterdam  

Museumnacht Rotterdam 

Route du Nord Light, Rotterdam  


Route du Nord, Rotterdam 

-Lausanne -Jardin, Lausanne, Switserland


Stichting CuCoSa, Rotterdam


Crac Alsace, altkirch, France

D2, interventions in public space, Reignier, France 

Les Halles de la Fonderie, Carouge, Geneva.

Artfair: Art Athene, Mirta Demare-Art

Villa Nuts, The Hague

Museumnacht Rotterdam, Mirta Demare in de Rabobank

Artfair: Art Amsterdam, Mirta Demare-Art


Mirta Demare gallery, Rotterdam

L’espace Ruine (project room), Geneva, Switzerland


Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, The Netherlands 

CIC, Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine, Geneva

LOOP videoart fair, Barcelona, Spain 

Festival Swiss Art Recycling, Geneva, Switzerland 

Art-Rotterdam fair, with Mirta Demare 

TENT, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam 

Festival Art-Chêne, Geneva, Switzerland 

Chene-Bougeries, Geneva, Switzerland


L’Athénée, project room, Geneva, Switzerland 

Art-Rotterdam fair, with Mirta Demare 

Magazine INOX, Bretagne, France


TENT, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam