16 november 2017

Opening project in public space

Project made possible by : Gemeente Rotterdam, Havensteder, stipo and City at Eyelevel

Vijverhofstraat 25, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

08 juli - 13 august 2017

If Paradise is half as nice


Alte Nudelfabrik, Zeits, Germany

07 October 2017 - 28 october 2017

Of rubble and common ground

2exhibition locations in Rotterdam.

6 artists from Rotterdam and 6 artist from Dresden.

Goethe Institut, Rotterdam   

Neck of the Woods, Rotterdam

23 March - 6 April 2017

opening thursday 23th March 20:00

C. Rockefeller Center



24 March - 7 April 2017

opening Friday 24th March 20:00

Galerie Raskolnikow


C. Rockefeller Center,  Rudolf Leonhardstrasse 54, Dresden




Galerie Raskolnikow, Böhmische Straße 34, Dresden


Project: Kann Spuren enthalten

The exhibition ‘Kann Spuren enthalten’ is the outcome of a collaboration between Dutch artist Judy van Luyk and German artist Philipp Gloger. It will take place at 2 different locations in Dresden: at the Galerie Raskolnikov and  at the Rockefeller Center. In 2016 they participated in the artist-in-residence program of the city of Dresden, CBK-Rotterdam and the Goethe Institute. Both artists are fascinated with facades, surfaces and city structures. Their work is a research of visual elements of Rotterdam and Dresden. Small scale city-elements become more apparent and the differences between the cities slowly fade.

15 January - 26 February 2017

opening: Sunday 15th of january at 15:00

Goethe Institut


Goethe Institut Rotterdam, Westersingel 9

Project: An installation of posters on the facade of the Goethe institut.

13 January July - 2017

Veiling De Aanschouw


TENT, Witte de withstraat, Rotterdam.       This is an art auction of De Aanschouw

Project: 3 photo's of ceiling details.

22 december 2016

Neck of the Woods

Boompjes 60, 3011 XC Rotterdam


Under The Tree,  is een kunst Kerst tentoonstelling met Quint Hartman, Jan Huijben, Judy van Luyk, Rene de Schilderijencentrale, Hieke Pars, Philpp Gloger, Anke Huyben en Eldorado3000.

Project: Xmas related research with bricks.

14 October - 16 October 2016

Festival "Time Window"




Time window - Fresh Rotterdamic artists united at the teilingerstraat 120, Rotterdam


Project: Duo exhibition with Judy van Luyk & Phillip Gloger

10 June - 19 june 2016

Route du Nord

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Route du Nord - Group exhibition


Project : Connect us / Interactive sound installation.

23 July - 7 August 2016

Urban Art Festival Dresden


`Exhibition 'Sweeping Passel'- Group exhibition

Project : A poster-project in public space.



1 Mai - 31 June 2016

Artist in residence

C.Rockefeller center of contemporary arts Dresden, Germany


Residency in Dresden- Sponsored by CBK Rotterdam, Goethe Institut and the city of Dreden.

Project : Places and Traces . For this residency I will further work on this project. i will find new traces and place them throughout the city of Dresden.

13 March - 17 April 2016

Exhibition 'Haken'

Pop-up gallery                                   Bergselaan 133b Rotterdam

Project Haken - is a project I did during my residency at the Ampelhaus in Germany. For this project I photographed certain details at peoples homes in the city Oranienbaum.

20 March - 03 April 2016

Exhibition in RORO Museum

Gerald Scholtenstraat 61-B Rotterdam


RORO museum - Het RORO museum is het kleinste museum in Rotterdam en bevindt zich in cafe de Bel in het oude noorden. Iedere 2 weken is er een nieuwe opening om 20.00. 

Project - Connect us

1 August - 31 August 2015

Artist in residence

Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum , Germany


Ampelhaus - 8 designers and 8 artists will work for 8 weeks in 'the Ampelhaus'. At the end there will be an exhibition of the outcome of the residencies. 

Personal Research- Judy van Luyk sets out to discover leftover objects and treats them as archeological findings by giving them the status of ‘Artefact’. The project will also include the proces of archelogical site searching and create reconstructions of potential usage of the objects.

28 August - 26 September 2015

Exhibition "Lost en Found"

Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum , Germany

Group exhibition - 14 artists and designer will show the outcome of the work done, during the residency in Ampelhaus. 


Project - Outcome of the research written above

23 October - 25 October 2015

Festival "Time Window"

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Time window - Fresh Rotterdamic artists unite in the TIMEWINDOW BIOTOPE, where they work together on creating TIMEWINDOW FESTIVAL. October 23, 24 & 25, they bring on a cross-section of the contemporary art-climate in this city. Through the estafette-procedure, where every artist introduces another artist, TIMEWINDOW FESTIVAL evolves: invented, made and powered by the artists themselves .No curator, no themes, no boundaries.

Personal Research- I let myself to be inspired by the surroundings: empty offices  with ceiling systems.